Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I bought some new buff coloured desert boots, but when I look at them on my feet, they have baby shoeish proportions. They were very cheap, they're some unknown brand, not like my Famous Old Greys, whom I may have to retire soon, since they're a tad hoboish at this point.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am ready for summer again now, please.

Monday, September 07, 2009

just had the best haircut of my life. Havung a bit of a time alone.

Friday, July 24, 2009


What a great vacation!

Just having a guinness, watching jesus christ superstar. Loving this rain.

The picture is called my date with the devil.

Monday, June 01, 2009


what all else is new?

I was reading back over a lot of my old livejournal account, which is a little lame but better than you'd think, and i decided I'd start writing things in my lil' blog now.

Something that was a hit/ controversial in the old lj was my "hate" list. Basically a list of things I hated. FROM 2005

Now i'm going to go over it and see how I feel about my old hates:

-people who constantly compliment you because they hate you. how the fuck does that make sense in your fucking crazy mind?i guess it makes crazy mind sense but i don't understand that seeing as how i don't have a crazy mind.
My response now: I still feel the same, why do people do this? You know that they do? But I guess I do it myself once in a blue.
verdict: still hate

My response now: I am not a fan of trendy or hip or whatever androgyny, I mean if you're trying to be androgynous how androgynous are you really? It's like trying to be thin or blonde or muscular. Natural androgyny, however, is really neat.
Verdict : Halfsies

-girls that draw on their eyebrows My response now: I still don't like it, but I've come to realize that for some people, it's necessary. It can make for an interesting look, not attractive, amybe, but interesting.
Verdict: Indifferent

-people who compete with me. you'll never win.My response now: BITCH ALERT! wowch, who all do I think I am? Actually, I like people who compete with me.
Verdict: Rahcael from 4 years ago was a dickle.

-people that think it's weird or superficial or something that i like and wear perfume.My response now: Yeah, what's wrong with it?
Verdsies: Same!

-people who think funny people are stupid.My response now: I think there aren't too many people around me like this now, but thank god I cut them out of my life!
verdict: still lame!

-people assuming that because they go to university, they are smaarrrtMy response now: I still hate this. periods. Smarter than me especially.

-NSCADMy response now: I don't hate NSCAD, a lot of things about it, maybe, but as a whole, no. I'm taking a life drawing course this summer with my mom. For some reason a lot of people I told this to assumed I was teaching the class. I wish!

-when i'm at a party and i say something funny but nobody really hears, but then the one douche who hears says it loudly and gives me no credit. My response now: Can anyone believe that this happens? Not you loudmouths maybe, but it does! What a lousy thing to do!!!!!!!

-people who think good art can't be funnyMy response now: Or that think that their bad art is funny.

-artMy response now: What a dumb thing to write, 21 year-old self

-when friends confide in meMy response now: This does still make me awkward generally, but I don't hate it all.

-when people depend on meMy response now: This doesn't actualy happen. I guess I was lying. Would you depend on me? Me either.

-bad dancers who think they're awesomeMy response now: That's me. I like all people who dance, good for them! this hate is BUS-TID

-body odour. seriously people have been doing shit to stop this for all eternity. stop trying to be "natural" i hate you My response now: I do hate it, but sometimes it's bizarrely endearing.

-crying, cryers My response now: Put "public" in front of that, and you have it. More having to be around crying.

-people with lots of stupid allergies. i know you can't help it but i've met some people that use it to be interesting and it's stupid to broadcast your weird natural weaknesses. My response now: P.S. allergies practically don't exist! Lactose intolerance is a joke! Stop trying to be special already! Get a tattoo or something.

-when someone copies me in a way that is shit and then says it's flattery. i don't need to be flattered. i hate you, too.My response now: i think the only time this happened was in grade 3. Fuck you still, Amanda delaney

-halifax.My response now: WHAAAAT? I love Halifax so much! I hate this hate.

-wet blankets. My response now: Both literally and figuratively. just don't socialize at all, no one likes them anyway.

-people who do stupid shit and end up in bad situations and then talk about it constantly.maybe that isn't right or fair, but if you're raised knowing that shit is the deal then don't tempt fate. My response now: This one is pretty rough and stupid and I completely revoke it. Being young is stupid.

-people who try to do good things like not wear name brands and then shop at the dollar store or anywhere for that matter. get a clue fools. My response now: Well, I still think this is stupid, but at least people mean well.

-people who assume all old bums are full of wisdom. "he failed at life.i'm definitely taking his advice" he just wants your empties or wine or both!My response now: I think this happens more when you are around people in their teens/early twenties, but I still know it's stupid.

-printmaking My response now: i don't hate printmaking, never did, I was just bitter about lacking the patience required for it.

-the fact that i still refer to films as "movies". shouldn't we at least call them "talkies" by now? I mean hasn't the novelty of moving pictures worn off? My response now: Good point! Film!

-people who act like being poor is brave and being unsuccessful is a triumph My response now: Yeah I guess that sucks still

-people who refer to buying a "home", not a house My response now: I got this one from my dad! I love this hate

-when people try to be intimidating because they are ugly. you're not fooling anybody, soda pop! My response now: This happens! Soda Pop!

-when people refuse to admit that they dislike someone, anyone. if someone is an asshole they are. My response now: Yeah, puff up, pancake! Own up to dislike! It's easy. Trust me.

-people who work in retail at the mall in halifax who act like they're hot shit. wow you work at club monaco. seervvee meee servant.also way to be wearing heels with wide leg trousers, you're so fashion forward, you have every right to think you're more stylish than me. i bet you read every issue of lucky and jane. My response now: I like all the Club Monaco employees now, maybe the old me had some confidence issues. Surprise! Nowadays I have issues with the employees of Soft Moc and some of the Steve-O-reno's employees.

- people who act like they own a city because they've lived there or visited there or whatever. you're not the authority bottom line whatever on whereever i'll figure out if i like on my own thanks. My response now: Yeah!

-people who always eat healthy and claim to love it. My response now: Give me a break, have a poutine!

that's some of what i hate! Still is!

Monday, May 11, 2009


To do list


Friday, March 06, 2009



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